About Daley Law.

Daley Law Office has been providing quality legal services to clients since 2002. It is our priority to provide all of our clients with the individual attention and care that their case requires and to assist them in resolving their legal issues in a fair, equitable and cost efficient manner.

Our first priority is to assist you in solving the problems that face you or your family in a practical and effective, common -sense way.

There are various ways to settle legal disputes, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Our Firm’s Strategic Approach.

Be Reasonable

Always take a reasonable position and cooperate whenever possible.

Be Civil

Always be professional and respectful in communications with clients, solicitors and others.

Litigate as a Last Resort

Always try to settle matters amicably, when all else fails, go to court. We believe a negotiated settlement most often results in a better outcome for our clients, not only legally but personally. Litigation is a stressful and taxing process that often takes a toll on the parties involved.

Meet the Daley Law Team.

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Kim Farrugia

Kim joined Daley Law Office in August of 2015, as the firm’s office manager. In this multi-tasking role

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Darlene Daley

Darlene Daley received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario

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