Please complete all that apply

    Date you commenced cohabitation:

    Never Lived Together:

    Date of Marriage:

    Have you separated:

    Date of Separation:

    Date of Divorce:

    PART B

    First Name:

    Last Name:


    Street No.

    Street Name:

    Unit No.



    Postal Code:

    Telephone No

    Home Phone

    Cell Number

    Business Number

    Fax Number

    Email address

    Date of Birth:

    Last name prior to this marriage:

    Mother’s maiden name:

    Previously Divorced?:

    If so, where & when:

    Last name at birth:

    How long have you been resident in your present town, city or county?

    How long have they been resident in Ontario??

    Are you employed? If so, where:

    Source of Income:

    Annual Income:

    Social Insurance No:

    Driver’s Licence No:

    Are you in a new relationship?

    If so, since when?

    Are you living with that person?

    Does that person have children?

    Do you currently reside with anyone (besides the children involved in this case)? If so, who?

    Did you work throughout the marriage/relationship?

    Please provide details of the type of employment, wages, periods of time you were and were not working

    Besides the children involved in this case, do you have any other biological children, step-children or are you the legal guardian for any other child(ren)? If so, please provide:

    Birthdate (d, m, y)


    My relationship to the child (specify if parent, step-parent, grandparent, etc.)

    Name(s) of the person(s) with whom the child lives now (if the child is under 18 years old)

    Has your family ever been involved with the Children’s Aid Society? If yes, please provide details.

    Are you currently the subject of any peace bonds, release conditions, restraining orders that prohibit you from contacting your former spouse or children? If so, please provide details:

    PART C

    Full Name:

    Date of Birth:


    Legal Name of both parents:

    Resides With:

    Name of School & Grade or Daycare:

    Do your children have any special needs? If so, please describe:

    PART D

    Please tell us two positive things about the other party:

    Please provide a brief history of your marriage/relationship.
    (major events such as illnesses, residential moves, career changes; education, etc. ):

    Who made the decision to end this relationship OR how did relationship end?:

    In your view, why did your relationship end? (please circle any that apply to you):

    Other issues:

    Generally, how would you describe your relationship before the separation?

    Generally, how would you describe your relationship since the separation?

    What did an argument between the two of you look like during your relationship and after your separation?

    Was there any physical or emotional violence in your relationship? If so please provide some examples.

    Has either party had a history of depression, addictions, or mental illness? Have either of you ever attempted or thought of harming yourselves?

    PART F

    Please describe the roles that each of you and your ex-spouse/partner played with respect to caring for the children and making decisions for the children during your relationship ( for example who got the children up in the morning, put them to bed, bathed them, took them to school, made doctors and dentist appointments, etc. )

    What are the parenting arrangements that are in place for your children presently?

    How long have the present arrangements been in place?

    If the parenting arrangements have recently changed, what arrangements were in place before?

    What are the most important goals for a parenting plan for your children?

    Please tell me what the ideal outcome of this process would be for you for your family:

    Legal Matters:

    Do you have a Separation Agreement?

    Have you ever been to court before over this matter?

    If yes, please provide me with a copy of any court orders and any other court documents in your possession:

    If there is an upcoming court date, when is it?:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can my child(ren) decide who they want to live with when they are 12 years old?

    The simple answer is no; however, the older a child becomes and the more mature the child is, the more weight there is placed on what the child wants. There are different ways to assess what a child’s views and preferences are.

    If I am not married, but live with my significant other do we split all of our property when we separate?

    The simple answer is no; however, there are exceptions and special circumstances that would need to be considered to determine what, if any property would be divided.

    Can my ex-spouse/partner make me sell our house?

    If you and your ex-spouse own a property jointly, the simple answer is usually yes; however, you should seek legal advice about this as there may be other options available to resolve this issue and depending on who holds legal title to the home, the answer may vary.

    What happens if my children do not want to spend time with their mother/father? Do I have to make them go?

    There is no simple answer to this question. Every family is in unique circumstances and an assessment of the family’s situation would be necessary to determine the answer to this question.

    How do I get legally separated?

    The moment that one partner in the relationship has made it clear that the relationship is over and then continues to act in accordance with that decision a legal separation has occurred. This separation does not address the legal issues that may have arisen as a result of the separation and you may need to resolve those issues by way of a Separation Agreement or Court order.

    What are my options for resolving my family law dispute with my ex-spouse/partner?

    There are many options to resolve your family law disputes, including negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. You should consult a lawyer or legal professional to discuss the options to decide what would be the best option for you and your family.